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I hid in places with hopes of disappearing
But every time I came up for air you were in the clearing
I know I’ve strayed away from since my mother’s death
I never really found my way back yet
My heart is heavy and I’m angry for the cards that been dealt
Most times I don’t feel worthy to live even for myself
I come to you now because I been lost my way
Please God show me the light so I can begin a new day
I need you like never before
My thoughts are swallowing me in sand on the shore
I desperately need to feel your presence
without you my physical is here but my mental is absent
I wanna be happy and content
Show me your light because mines have gotten dim. -B.Blunt 7/29/13 #prayer #forgiveness #lost #poetry #poem #writing #wordplay #wordsmith #art #artofwriting #ArtOfPoetry #poetic

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