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La Nouvelle-Orléans (New Orleans) was founded May 7, 1718, by the French Mississippi Company, under the direction of Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville, on land inhabited by the Chitimacha. It was named for Philippe d’Orléans, Duke of Orléans, who was Regent of France at the time.

I masked the pain for as long as rain held up.
Then enough tears poured until it over flowed my cup.
Held so much in I began to believe I was healed.
I didn’t realize how far I was lost until on my knees I kneel.
Spending in a spiral trying to fit in with this world I lost my soul.
Little by little I’m finding it now because God took control.
Fresh blood continues to pour from open wounds I tried to hide.
Hard work and faith are assisting me with the patchwork so I can start healing inside.
Outter appearances mean nothing when your demons inside take control and you’re a walking masquerade.
Dare to be brave and face your pain and work on that new person inside ready to be self-made.

B.Blunt 04/24/14

Sometimes prayer seem so hopeless.
I’m trying to convince myself to stay focus.
I know everything takes time but what if mines running out?
What if I don’t make it tomorrow to say forgive me out my mouth?
God I keep asking for strength but I feel weaker by the moment.
Please God take me out this misery, out this torment.
I don’t know which way to turn.
I’m spinning out of control in a haze of life lessons I have yet to learn.
I need a sign that things will get better soon.
I’m losing faith because help seems so far away like the moon.
God I ask you to forgive my lack of faith.
I just don’t know how much I can physically and mentally take.
-B.Blunt 04/24/14

Thank you God for giving me the gift of being able to bare a child.
Thank you giving me strength to see through nine months of pain although I feel at times untrained.
Most times I don’t feel qualified to be able to give birth to a miracle but with you enable me to share my thoughts very lyrical.
A mother is like a Angel, a person who can do any wrong in the eyes of a child, I know it because of you and I smile.
To be able to feed my seed with natural milk to keep him/her strong and healthy is one of the reasons I thank you for things like this make you feel wealthy.
Women are a kind way for you to show your thanks to the world, I just hope that one day this message get sent to every beautiful girl.
Females should know they are blessed and there’s nothing more precious than becoming a woman since we are apart of earth that cultivate the very feature of mother earth.
Men give praises to a Queen and make sure that all of her beauty is seen.
Women know your place, you are the beginning and the end of every human race! -B.Blunt 04/14/14

Dudes say they would never wife a chick who shows too much skin over the internet, yet they always post half naked girls talking bout wcw or badd bitches. But say they want a queen who respect themselves. I’m confused…

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